BASIC QUESTION: would your organization would be better served by a supplier that understands the nonprofit world?

If so, the following information may be a game-changer…

john VisABILITY is owned by a husband & Wife team – Janice Gavan (president) and John Burke (founder.)

We spent a combined total of 86 years serving as nonprofit managers, consultants, directors – and then as suppliers of nonprofit branding products. No competing vendor comes close to matching that level of experience in the public service sector. (Below you’ll notice we probably once held or supervised the nonprofit job you now hold. No kidding!)

FACT: In its first 30 years VisABILITY supplied products and guidance to over 21,000 fundraising and marketing campaigns.

FACT: We learned Fanatical Service earns great loyalty: a colleague compared the client list of our first two years to the list 25 years later. The Result? 93% of our initial clients were still active clients 25 years later. 25 years!  (In our industry, 93% client retention over 25 years is a spectacular achievement.)

Did we once hold or supervise your job?

Roles: We are today, or have been in the past…. Director of a local United Way, external affairs vice president of a university; executive director of a regional health association; development vice president of two private colleges; senior fundraiser for an international health organization; trustee of two private colleges; secretary of the board of trustees at a public university; director of a regional animal shelter; admissions officer at two private colleges; management and marketing consultant to 23 regional and national nonprofits.

Fundraising: we supervised direct mail campaigns, wrote grants, conducted major gift solicitations and managed staff and programs that produced nearly $200 million in philanthropic funding.

Public Events: We organized dozens. They include three which each (each!)) drew 35,000 participants. Those three produced donations totaling over $2,250,000 in 1972 dollars.


janiceMedia Relations: We wrote and produced two nationally-broadcast TV documentaries. We obtained coverage from nearly all major print and broadcast news media in the nation (plus some international press).

You can see – we ARE from your world. We gained years of experience and understanding walking in your shoes BEFORE we began to supply marketing and fundraising campaigns with nonprofit branding products. We understand and share client values, we empathize over the battles they fight and we respect their under-appreciated contribution to our society. We also delight in contributing to their success.

Quality Of Life Generates Quality Of Business

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VisABILITY is located in an extraordinary little town in the Colorado foothills. That location helps define who we are, how we live, who we hire and how we operate our company. So, to better understand our company  check out Lyons, Colorado. Do this. Especially if you have a desire visit or to relocate your family to the edge of the Rocky Mountain Wilderness. In a mellow, creative community of artists and musicians. Just 15 minutes from Incredible Boulder. A blessed place inhabited by cool, happy people who enjoy more sunshine than residents of Miami or San Diego! Click here!

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