Vintage herb woman reading recipeYou face professional challenges. Other folks encountered the same issues. Some succeeded.  Some screwed up. All learned lessons. Many write about those lessons in blogs. Thus, you are not alone when dealing with professional challenge – unless you choose to be!

There are hundreds of nonprofit blogs. Let’s be clear about their value. Many are like food with no nutrition. Some are fronts for sales organizations. Others merely recycle common sense. A few just plain suck.

Listed below are some super-cool blogs that deserve your attention.  These blogs usually offer cutting-edge insights and solid techniques that can shape, enhance and advance your career.

INVITATION & WARRANTY: We will re-think this part of the RESOURCES Section every few months. Want me to consider adding your favorite blog? Send me a note and we’ll give it a look. More important – if you find that one of the blogs I recommend disappoints you in any way, let me now immediately and I will reassess the blog. For either purpose – just shoot an email to:

NOTE: These are listed in no particular order of preference or of alphabet or of karmic energy. Happenstance ruled the list order. Do NOT let that happenstance rule your interaction with these blogs. Check in.  Evaluate.  To avoid unrewarding email, subscribe to updates only when you have determined a blog meets your needs.

RE: Charity covers marketing, fundraising, storytelling and more, providing nonprofit professionals with quick reads and great insights.

Social Velocity is for innovative leaders who realize that business-as-usual just doesn’t work anymore and want to explore alternatives. Those good folks should choose the blog’s author, Nel Edgington, as their professional Guru.

Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising Zone is an incredibly searchable collection of the best blog posts from the most competent bloggers – a place to visit often for advice. This blog is a MUST SUBSCRIBE to receive a weekly update of the most interesting recent posts. CUSTOMIZATION: sign up for weekly updates and you can pick the topics you want to learn about.

Clairification is one of my favorite blogs. Read Clair’s ABOUT section to see her background and philosophy, then check out the range of services she offers. Then subscribe. You may come to agree with my assessment – this blog is one of the best.

Front Range Source is a local outfit (Boulder, CO) with a national reach. The authors report on experience gained by a team that has done it all and seen it all – and their blog also offers a range of digital resources for the nonprofit executive.

Event 360 provides good advice about the always high-risk and potentially high reward world of nonprofit public events and offers an incredible range of real-world event management services.

Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog is a digital gathering place for nonprofits – this one with emphasis on integrated marketing and communications strategies and techniques.

Getting Attention! is another broadly-focused blog about nonprofit marketing with many special features. It offers a comprehensive list of position openings in the nonprofit world, updated and emailed weekly.

Blue Avocado is an eclectic mix of articles by experts, each email edition issued with a promise that it will offer plenty of thoughtful advice – plus “at least one really fun article.”

Emily’s World reports on nonprofit administration and marketing, fundraising and social media. Emily, one of the first bloggers in the nation, shares her own expertise along with  the best stuff from a number of other sources. She seems to post only every couple weeks – but each post will lead you to plenty of resources you already need.

The Big Duck Blog uses the positioning statement “Smart communications for nonprofits.” Well stated! This is an omnibus blog with contributions from a range of nonprofit thought leaders.

Future Fundraising Now is a single-focused exploration of your primary revenue source – donors. And a damn effective focus it has!

Fired Up Fundraising is where you will find sometimes funny, often sharply pointed and always insightful commentary from Gail Perry, a highly-regarded fundraising thought leader, consultant and practitioner.

Selfish Giving is an engaging blog about highly-leveraged fundraising done in concert with a for-profit organization – fundraising which meets the needs of both organizations. This is slightly tricky but enormously productive terrain. Take it seriously – and use this blog as a reference tool.

Sea Change Strategies is written by experienced Change Agents. Example: they suggest you shift attention a bit from the churn & burn traditional donor-acquisition fundraising to building and maintaining relationships. I love that viewpoint and urge you to take these guys seriously!

Fundraiser Grrl (actual spelling) is funny, savvy, experienced and irreverent. She shares your angst. Scroll, laugh & share her posts with colleagues. Then subscribe so you get updates in your inbox.

Nonprofit Consultant Blog is not published very often. But Ken Goldstein has been at the rodeo for years and presents an informed, insightful and often contrarian view about the things you face in your professional life.

The Classy Blog is produced by a supplier of software services and support to the nonprofit sector and is filled to the top with good advice and useful info.

The Grow Report is THE SOURCE for the one-person development & marketing shop. Fun, irreverent and wise, you can’t go wrong with guidance from Pamela Grow and her reports.

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