America’s most listened-to radio news program celebrates its 35th Anniversary with a new logo.  

VisABILITY responds with this ME Premium Package for station marketing & fundraising.

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me_atc_chicobag2Morning Edition Goes CHICO!

Chico Bag – a pubcasting favorite with plenty of branding power of its own. Now on steroids! With the new Morning Edition logo on one side, ATC on the other – and NPR News printed on the attached stuff-pouch

Much to pitch: a favorite, durable and incredibly compact totebag from a name-recognized company – now introducing the new ME logo while billboarding your NPR News tentpoles.   (**LOGIN**)

me2015ss_pintblankNew Morning Edition Stainless Steel Cup

Can’t call it a glass if it’s made of steel. Right? Can’t call it a steel either.

So the manufacturer decided it is a cup. A CUP!

But WHAT A CUP! High fashion, high quality, durable and classy. These “cups” have become quite a fad. With the new ME logo you have plenty to pitch – and if you add your station logo to the other side, you’ll have even more. (Available in singles and in NPR News Sets.)  (**LOGIN**)



Final - me_anglewatbotNew Morning Edition Sport Bottle 

Stations keep asking us for new, inexpensive and durable water bottles.

We searched the market and selected this cutting edge design.

This newly introduced 30-ounce bottle is made of rigid space-age BPA-free copolyester. It offers a flip-up straw, a silicon non-slip grip, and both a carrying loop and a carrying handle built into the cap.  (**LOGIN**)

me_joemug_white_orangeintNew Morning Edition Mug: Duo-tone, matte finish ceramic mug with the new ME logo. This mug style and the new ME logo are both Fresh Classics – simple, enduring and eye-catching.

Mug and logo combine to market your morning news and to enable your members to billboard their support of America’s most listened-to radio news program.  (**LOGIN**)



me_hoodie #2New Morning Edition Hoodie: The PubRadio Premium World confirms the popularity of Hoodies. They are pulling pledges in surprising quantities for several market-savvy stations.

The secret to a Hoodie is high-end fabric assembled in a hooded sweatshirt pattern – but lightweight enough to become a favored 3-season garment. This new ME premium features a barely-noticeable hood to extend its utility when the weather turns chilly in the evening. For maximum comfort it is a roomy, unisex, zippered garment made from an ultra-triblend fabric.    (**LOGIN**)


atcme_frenchpressNew Morning Edition French Press The Planetary Design DoubleShot French Press has been the biggest pledge-generator for several fundraising seasons.  We now celebrate public radio’s two greatest news programs with this version in Starry Night Blue – a dual-branded option featuring ATC and ME logos. Because it is co-branded with your news Tent Poles, you can pitch through most dayparts!          (**LOGIN**)



 ****ADVISORY: scroll down for important product safety information about mobile power packs for cell phones & tablets.****


Portable power sources – an emerging product category. A highly-valued blessing to your audience. But…some are risky!

New Morning Edition Power Pack: Metal Cylindrical Case made of extruded aluminum.

Compact, dependable and long-lasting battery pack carries enough power to fully charge a SmartphB100_silverusbone.  


The new Morning Edition logo is beautifully laser-etched. That yields an upscale color-on-color effect.

Equally important – this unit is manufactured to the high level of quality appropriate to ME Fans and to your station.  (**LOGIN**)




New Morning Edition Power Pack: Metal Stretch Cube Case made of extruded aluminum.

This version has an on-off switch. It also has the same electronics as the Cylindrical Case. The black metal Stretch Cube version  is compact, dependable and long-lasting. It carries enough power to fully charge a Smartphone.

Equally important – it is manufactured to a high level of quality appropriate to ME Fans and to your station.  (**LOGIN**)

meC200New Morning Edition Charger-Plus!

Carries up to two complete phone charges, retains its power longer and charges a unit faster than the Mini-Packs. Can provide a substantial or even full power boost to an iPad or notebook.

Upscale, mirror-polished aluminum back on a unit the size and shape of an iPod Touch. The white front carries an on/off switch plus a mini-LCD screen which reports the amount of power available in the unit.    (**LOGIN**)





With any electronic product that stores electrical energy, quality of components and quality of assembly is essential.  

You know that factories can cut corners to make lower price totebags and coffee mugs and other standard products.

With products like those the only risk you take – a risk we warn clients about constantly – is this: in time lower-cost products are likely to disappoint your supporter and undermine your brand. 

Miniature electronics are different!

This is the way it works…

Several factories will buy the same outer shell (usually of plastic).  They pack those identical shells with electronics of varying quality. To produce lower-cost products, some of those electronic components were manufactured on the cheap. The products look the same on the outside, so people looking for the lowest price assume they are the same quality. THEY ARE NOT!

You’ve seen the news reports. Now you know why some portable battery packs have overheated, failed to perform, discharged so erratically they fried cell phones and actually started fires – while identical-looking products performed superbly.

Be assured that each of the new Morning Edition Mini-Power Packs is individually-tested for safety, performance and reliability. Tested TWO times!  It is then approved so the factory can apply the new Morning Edition logo.

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