Contributor Rewards, LLC, supplier of PubMedia Rewards to public broadcasting, is a partnership between VisABILITY, Sutton & Lee Consulting and Out of the Box, Inc. - 443 Main St, PO Box 1659 Lyons CO 80540 . 3303-823-0327 X 106 or 107





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Price: Holiday Price $22.50 (Standard price $25 per subscription)

Minimum Order: 50 units initial order and reorders

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CURRENT CLIENT INVOICE PAYMENT: If you have and satisfactorily maintained a credit account with VisABILITY, Contributor Rewards will happily grant your station credit. We will a Contributor Rewards invoice by email and will deliver your codes within one business day. We must receive your payment within 21 days of the invoice date.

We have a VisABILITY Credit Account in good standing.

Email Contributor Rewards Invoice to:

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT: If VisABILITY has your credit card on file you may authorize its use for payment to Contributor Rewards by checking this box:

OPTIONS: To apply for credit, to submit a credit card number or to arrange for an EFT Payment, call Maureen at 303-823-0327 X106

By submitting this order you and your station accept the Client Responsibilities listed below..


To provide the Reward Codes to recipients, along with instructions on their redemption, such instructions having been supplied and/or approved in advance by Contributor Rewards.

To offer the codes only to contributors of $180 or more.

To distribute Reward Codes in sufficient time to allow recipients to redeem them prior to their expiration date. Codes will expire at the end of the sixth calendar month following a client station's receipt of the Reward Codes (i.e. codes delivered on June 5th must be redeemed by the contributor no later than December 31st).


To provide Client with Rewards Codes redeemable for an annual subscription for basic digital access to PubMedia Savers Club digital rewards.

To create a station-branded redemption website that includes the Client’s logo.

To store any personal information provided recipients of client station's reward codes in a secure password protected environment with access to that data strictly limited to personnel who must be able to access the data in order to fulfill Contributor Rewards customer-service responsibilities to client station.

Not to sell or otherwise make available to any company or organization or individual the names, or any other personal information, of Reward Code recipients. Contributor Rewards will also not disclose to any other company, including client station, information regarding individual or collective performance or other information about client station's Reward Code recipients. Company’s obligation to protect Client’s data survives the termination of this Agreement in perpetuity.

To respond to any requests for support received by Reward Code recipients within a maximum of two business days.

To provide guidance to assist client station in maximizing its fundraising efforts through by providing assistance in the form of scripting and images.