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We listen to clients. We research the  market. We evaluate branding products and the results they produce. Here is the ever-changing list of our favorites…… exciting new items and bullet-proof old timers.

The PubRadio NERD Collection


PubMedia Only – NPR’s enormously popular marketing tool is now at full flourish with a mug, a totebag, a T-shirt and a pint glass.

We are receiving suggestions from stations for new products. So….as Fall approaches, expect additional NERDY items from VisABILITY. Be sure to frequently check Staff and client Favorites.   MORE-INFO-RED-BUTTON

DoubleShot French Press


ALL Nonprofits – Having produced many millions of dollars in donations, this is probably public radio’s most productive fundraising premium for the past three years. French Press. Travel Mug. Self-contained Double Shot for second cup. Designed by outdoor guides to be strong enough to kill a wolverine. Here’s a video.   MORE-INFO-RED-BUTTON

EyeMax Mug – Limited Edition Collections

eyemaxmugALL Nonprofits – The Mighty EyeMax Mug carries images of photos and paintings in color-saturated brilliance from base of the mug to the lip. Perfect for limited-edition collector’s series with reproductions of art or photos of favorite  area landmarks submitted by your supporters .  (This example, by Utah Public Radio, celebrates the color and mountains of the High Western Desert.)  MORE-INFO-RED-BUTTON

NPR Firefly Radio


fireflyradioPubMedia Only – We bet the intriguing name makes you want to know more about this Staff Favorite. But we’re keeping the secret while engineers make final touches on the electronics of this exciting VisABILITY Exclusive. With the Firefly radio  you’ll have a bushel of pitch-points.

We’ll roll this one out when the engineering is complete – probably by early fall. The wait will be worth it for you and for your audience….




BoomBox In A Thimble


3_8724_18510_nanospeak2_lgALL Nonprofits – In defiance of the laws of acoustics, to the puzzlement of physicists and musicians alike, this little item – about the size of a silver dollar and about two inches high – produces sound….BIG SOUND. Operate by Bluetooth or use a connecting cord to a device.

Take a watch and a listen: Here’s New Hampshire Public Radio’s delightful video introduction to the BoomBox In A Thimble.  MORE-INFO-RED-BUTTON

Digitally Delivered Incentives

PubMedia Only (for now) – Offering subscriptions to the New York Times Digital Edition,….. the Times Crossword Puzzle.…. AND PubMedia Savers Club. There is a great chance that Contributor Rewards digitally delivered products will become a major fundraising tool for public radio and TV stations – perhaps challenging the DoubleShot French Press and the EyeMax Mug.  MORE-INFO-RED-BUTTON

PubMedia Gear

PrintPubMedia Only – We introduced this collection at the PMDMC in Boston in August – a small (very small) group of bags and totes that meet high standards for utility, design and price. They range from ultra-light-weight bags to street and travel gear. Some we designed and manufacture ourselves. Others are selected from cool brands. In late August we’ll post photos and product info here – in the Staff and Client Favorites Section – and let you know with a VisALERT.


Classic Pint Glass


ALL Nonprofits – The 16 ounce Brewery Pint glass is a national fad, perhaps becasue of the emergence of  craft beer. Or maybe their popularity was generated by the “Got Milk? campaign.

Whatever the reason for their ascendancy, our clients have ordered Claswsic Brewery Pint glasses by the thousands, often offering them to supporters in sets of 2 or even 4.  MORE-INFO-RED-BUTTON

Nina Totin’ Bag

Nina bag

PubMedia Only – This beloved item, originated by the staff of the NPR Shop,  pays homage to two pillars of public broadcasting: the ubiquitous canvas tote bag and NPR’s Legal Affairs Correspondent, Nina Totenberg. Imprinted with a fun image of Nina herself and equipped with 26″ shoulder straps, a Velcro closure, and a convenient zippered inside pocket. Perfect for totin’ whatever….!  MORE-INFO-RED-BUTTON



Mobile Device Chargers


powerpackc200_primaryALL Nonprofits – For nonprofit marketing or fundraising, this is a hot category of useful branding products. It’s also a tricky category. Identical-looking cases can contain different innards – and some of those innards are electronic misfires that can make the product disappointing – or even dangerous. Here are some of the best – PLUS an explanation of how to avoid the risks that are inherent in lower-quality products.   MORE-INFO-RED-BUTTON




G186ALL Nonprofits – This is the 3-season (plus summer evenings) lightweight version of the classic fleece hooded sweatshirt. The Hoodie not only became a fashion garment – it’s also  a go-everywhere multi-season  utility garment. Use the Quick Search box in our Apparel Collection and 34 styles will pop up. Our advice: choose a full zipper, lightweight style with kangaroo pockets. The More Info button will pop up one of our favorites.MORE-INFO-RED-BUTTON




Little Girl Gives Thumbs DownPubMedia Only – We maintain a large inventory of products relating to public radio and television programs. Sometimes we buy too much. Sometimes logos change. Or programs go off the air. For whatever reason, when we  become overstocked we markdown the price, take the loss and give our clients a great deal. It only hurts for a little while, so visit Our Un-FAVORITES Section often – we will keep piling our mistakes into this section. MORE-INFO-RED-BUTTON




August additions to Client and Staff Favorites will include: selected Hoodies,….. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! “Go-Bag”, …..PubMedia Reporter’s Bag, …..selected duo-tone mugs,….. lobster (Yes! Lobster for your really high-level contributors), ……the best vehicle donation program – Big in public broadcasting, but designed for ALL nonprofits….and more!






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